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AFSDPE-1.5-1.0-S ion exchange filter


AFSDPE-1.5-1.0-S ion exchange filter

This filter is designed for ion-exchange and mechanical water treatment.
The water to be treated is passed through a bed of filtration media (cation resins and/or anion resins) placed into the filter, at a pressure of up to 17.6 MPa, to remove suspended and dissolved contaminants.
The following components can be supplied as part of the product to suit your applications and the water treatment technology you use:
•    TD (top distributor);
•   UDS (under-drain system);
•    reagent and slow rinse water distributors;
•    regeneration solution and wash water discharge assembly;
•    resin distributor
•    high-pressure regeneration system.

The following range of filter elements can be used in the filter:
•    flat drain filter elements;
•    wire mesh drain filter elements;
•    plate-type drain filter elements;
•    tubular drain filter elements.


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