International organisaton to promote mutual efforts for peaceful use of nuclear energy


State corporation for nuclear energy that operates all nuclear assets of the Russian Federation.


Russian energy company operating Russian nuclear power plants.

JSC Atomenergoproekt (Moscow)

Engineering company and general designer / general contractor in NPP construction projects

JSC ATOMPROEKT (Saint Petersburg)

Engineering company designing and constructing turn-key nuclear energy projects in the Russian and international markets


The leading international business engineering company of ROSATOM for construction of nuclear energy facilities in the international market

JSC Red Star

The company is the world’s only developer and manufacturer of space nuclear power units


A leading research institute in the industry focusing on nuclear fuel cycle technologies


D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

JSC NPO Saturn

A Russian engineering company focusing on development and manufacturing of gas turbine engines


Federal State Budgetary Institution “Medical Radiological Research Centre” of the Russian Ministry of Health


B.P. Konstantinov PETERSBURG NUCLEAR PHYSICS INSTITUTE of the Russian Academy of Sciences – National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”

SVERD engineering and fabrication, Inc.

A growing engineering centre of the Russian nuclear industry


Russia’s largest experimental research centre of civil nuclear energy

FSUE Federal Centre of Nuclear Medicine Projects Design and Development

PJSC Mashinostroitelny Zavod

A member of ROSATOM’s JSC TVEL of Rosenergoatom.

Mining and Chemical Plant (Zheleznogorsk)

Armenian Nuclear Power Plant

Rivne Nuclear Power Plant

South-Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant

Kudankulam NPP

Novovoronezh NPP

Rostov NPP

Kursk NPP

Bilibino NPP

Rosenergoatom’s branch Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant

Kola NPP

osenergoatom’s branch Kola Nuclear Power Plant

Kalinin NPP

Rosenergoatom’s branch Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant

Balakovo NPP

Rosenergoatom’s branch Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant

Beloyarsk NPP

Rosenergoatom’s branch Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant

Leningrad NPP

Rosenergoatom’s branch Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant

Smolensk NPP

Rosenergoatom’s branch Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant


ATOMEXPO 2012 International Forum Project

Atomenergoproekt (Nizhniy Novgorod)

The company offers engineering services for turn-key NPP and generation unit design and construction projects


The company offers design, manufacturing, supply, commissioning, deployment and maintenance services for equipment and systems designed to protect, control, monitor and diagnose nuclear and radiation safety at nuclear energy facilities

Bushehr NPP

A nuclear power plant under construction in Iran, outside of Bushehr

OAO NPO Radioelektronika imeni V.I. Shimko

The company is the leading manufacturer of state identification systems

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    JSC Progress-Ecology is licensed by the Russian Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision to manufacture and design equipment for nuclear power plants.

    The high quality of equipment made by us for NPPs from Russian materials is driven by the use of high-tech solutions and state-of-the-art equipment of our own design.


    Moscow office:
    115201, Varshavskoe shosse, 1, p. 6, W-Plaza business center, office A-122, V-102

    249033, Obninsk, 109 km of Kiev highway, PZ Signal OJSC, building 131 (2nd site).


    Moscow: +7 (495) 626-25-02
    Obninsk: +7 (484) 399-37-77