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SPOT filter


SPOT filter

This heat- and moisture-resistant aerosol filter for the Passive Filtration of Process Emissions System (SPOT) is used in case of beyond design-basis (BDB) accidents.

Nominal consumption of treated medium:
• kg/h, min 41,7
• m³/h min 35
Operating temperature of the filter element on standby,°C +15÷+150
Inlet operating temperature under BDB accident conditions:
• minimum, °C, min 15
• maximum, °C, max 280
Relative air humidity in the filter on standby, %, max 90
Inlet relative humidity under BDB accident conditions, %, max 98
Inlet absolute humidity under BDB accident conditions, g/m³, max 135
Aerosol particle size, µm 0,1…2,0
Mass of radioactive aerosols passing through the filter element in an accident, g, max 154
Initial resistance of the filter element at 20°C and at nominal consumption, Pa, max 4,5
Degree of steam/gas mixture treatment for radioactive aerosols, %, min 99,9
BDB accident duration, hours, max 100


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