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FOVPE-18560 filter


FOVPE-18560 filter

This coarse filter is designed to remove aerosol particles from the air in supply ventilation systems. The filter’s case is a multicell frame-type structure installed to cover an opening in the wall of a ventilation chamber or inside an air duct. Replaceable bag filters are installed in each cell (filter holding frame) of the case. The case of each filter frame contains six replaceable bag filters.

Nominal airflow rate, m³/h 18560*
Pressure drop at rated airflow:
• initial, Pa, max 50
• final (recommended), Pa 250
Overall collection efficiency
• for particles sized 10 µm and larger, %, min 80
• for particles sized between 0.2 µm and 0.3 µm, %, min 9
Temperature, °C от -40 до +60
Relative humidity of ambient air, % до 95
Inlet aerosol concentration, mg/m³, max
• background level 0,15
• for dust storms 60

*When connected in parallel, they will form a filtration unit of a larger capacity, multiple of 18,650 m3/h.


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